Having become housebound from ill health, Stuart Pearce, a computer guru in his mid forties, turned to his computer and the internet to keep in touch with the outside world.

Although his three children were now all in their late teens or early twenties and thinking of moving out of the family home to embark on their own journey of life, they were still a very close knit family.

Stuart knew it didn't matter where they were in the world, with his computer and the internet he would be able to keep in touch with them on a daily basis as if they were still living at home.

But what would happen when he died? Could he keep in touch then? Stuart wasn't a religious person believing the dead continued to watch over their loved ones, guiding them through life from heaven above. Neither did he believe in life after death and mocked the idea of being able to contact the afterlife. However, knowing he didn't have much longer with his family, he suddenly felt the urge to find a way to keep in touch with them after his death, with his computer skills it seemed obvious to him that the solution was to use technology rather than religion or belief as the conduit.

Embarking on a project he hoped to complete before his final day arrived, Stuart regularly reminded his wife and children that he wanted his handheld computer to be placed inside his coffin with his body. As the project progressed, Stuart changed his will, not from the aspect of financial distribution, but added instructions about the construction of his gravestone and a web address he wanted his family to visit on a daily basis following his demise.

You've found this website before Stuart has died, but do keep coming back as Stuart will depart this world soon and this is where he plans to continue to keep in touch with our world, finding out what's happening and telling us about the other side.